Welcome to Teibi Art

Hi, welcome to Teibi Art and my first blog!

If you are reading this, I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and for having enough interest to look around, find the blog and start reading. 

In early 2019, I started Cameron Buchanan Art Ltd. Dipping my toe into the world of a full time artist. It was exciting and challenging and a very steep learning curve. 

At the start, I really tried to produce everything and anything ,whatever took my fancy that day. Though this was rewarding, it was also a little exasperating, as I had not found my natural direction yet. I was doing too many variations of paintings; trying too many styles; using too many different mediums and choosing subjects to paint for the wrong reasons.

This all changed in 2022 during a holiday to the Outer Hebrides. We were staying in the southern tip of Harris. Taking long walks on the golden beaches with our dogs, relaxing and soaking in the beauty and stillness of the area. 

It was here that I decided to change my approach to my Art. I wanted to make paintings that reflected me as a person: Images, palettes, textures and brushstrokes that came more naturally to me. It was here, on Harris, that Teibi Art was born. The whole concept of Teibi fitted perfectly with the direction I was going in. 

Teibi is Irish Gaelic for "Abstract". The word alone has a lovely sound to it; it looks nice in the Gaelic font, and it's meaning is perfect for me.

Over the last few years my style has evolved, changed and developed: coupled with the rebranding and a new website, I have been able to consolidate my techniques and approach into a more focused and recognisable style.

Future blogs will most probably be about the artworks I am starting, finishing or adding to each week. The highs and lows of all that entails, as well as the hints, tips and methods I use along the way. I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook, as well as trying to add videos in one form or another to my YouTube channel, ( this will be a challenge).

I will keep you updated of any events I am participating in, as well as Galleries I am showing works at. 

Thanks for reading all of this....please subscribe to keep up to date with future blogs, and also to my YouTube channel for future videos.

Take care