Deep Waters (105 x 75)
Deep Waters (105 x 75)
Deep Waters (105 x 75)
Deep Waters (105 x 75)
Teibi Art

Deep Waters (105 x 75)

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Deep Waters is a multi-textured artwork on a stretched canvas with layers of resin and acrylics added.

The textures represent the sand and rock formations found in the ocean, while the shades and colours of the water emphasise the varying depths and movement of the water.

The foam forms as the water crashes over the rocks. A very free flowing and dynamic piece of artwork. Housed in a white wooden floating frame.


Size: 105cm x 75cm
Frame: Housed in a White Wooden Box Frame with 2cm Width and 4cm Depth.
Medium: Textured Paint, Artist Putty, Solid Textured Material, Acrylics & Resin

*This artwork is fairly heavy.

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