“Commissions” or “Bespoke” artwork is supplied according to the buyers requirements, so the buyer may choose, for example, a colour scheme or certain textures.. However, the buyer must bear in mind that artwork is a personal choice and it must be made clear to Teibi Art if the buyer has any specific requirements.  

“Commissions” or “Bespoke”  is artwork created for the buyer based on an original piece or style of artwork that they have enquired about. The artwork will be similar to the original, but will have variations in the design, colour and tones, as no two Bespoke paintings will be exactly the same in appearance. Made to order artwork will not be an exact replica of the original.  

Timescales for “Commissions” & “Bespoke” artwork will be discussed on enquiry.  

Unless otherwise agreed, Commissions and Bespoke artwork requires a 50% deposit.