Ikigai & Choju SOLD
Ikigai & Choju SOLD
Ikigai & Choju SOLD
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Ikigai & Choju SOLD

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This artworks was created with an emphasis on oriental shapes and colours.  An homage to the first blossoming trees found in Okinawa and the ornate shapes of the Bonsai tree.

Ikigai. The concept of this Japanese word relates to your "reason for being".

Choju. The Japanese word represents a “long life”. 

Resin and acrylics were used to achieve the desired images, and the palette was chosen as a homage to Japanese art & culture.


Size:  Both Artworks are 51cm x 41cm 
Frame:  Stretched Canvas Housed in Black Wooden Frames with Inner Black Borders.
Medium: Acrylics & Resin